Equipment Testing & Tagging

Testing and tagging of all electrical equipment, including appliances, allow you to comply with Australian Standards and safety regulations.

We are able to provide single and three-phase testing, plug top replacement and other minor repairs, and record of testing logs for compliance.

Safety Switch

A safety switch or circuit breaker quickly switches off the electricity if an electrical fault is detected, some in less than 0.3 seconds. These are attached to the switchboard or installed directly onto individual wall power points.

Safety switches have been proved to reduce the number of fatalities caused by electricity. Not only does it protect individuals from direct contact with electricity, but also a property from an electricity-related fire.

Surge Protection

Surge protection is designed to protect your electronic devices in the event of a power surge or voltage spike. These power surges can occur at any time and can even be triggered by lightning. We can install a surge protection device (SPD) to your switchboard which can provide surge protection to all the devices in your home or business.

An investment in an SPD will protect expensive electronics such as computer networks, TVs, home theatre devices, washing machines, and kitchen appliances from damage. This should save your money, time, and hassle in the long run.

Smoke Detectors

New regulations have made smoke detectors mandatory in all new constructions. With these regulations comes the responsibility to regularly test the detectors to ensure they are working properly and located in an appropriate area. This is particularly important for liability if you are leasing a property or own a business.

Remember, not all smoke detectors are made equal. It's certainly worth upgrading older detectors to modern photoelectric smoke detectors or rate or rise detectors, reducing false alarms but improving sensitivity when it counts.


On-call Service

Sometimes a fault just appears out of nowhere. A light switch may stop working, a power point is setting off the safety switch, or the telephone wiring isn't operating as it should. For all these small issues, we're happy to perform an assessment of the problem and attempt a fix.


A well maintained power or communications network can increase the lifespan of your connected electrical devices and prevent larger issues. Ad hoc maintenance checks can be performed or we can recommend an ongoing maintenance plan to ensure your home or business is serviced at regular intervals.

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