Wall Points

Additional wall points are a great addition to any home or business. Whether it's out of necessity for safety or practical reasons, or just to make life a little bit easier, we're here to help.


Power Points

Extra power points can make it more convenient to juggle the power requirements from various electrical devices in your workshop, kitchen, home theatre, or study.

For businesses, additional power sockets are a requirement for workstations and powering high voltage equipment.


Wall sockets can now come equipped with USB ports, as well as the traditional 240 volt power plug. Great for charging your phone, tablet, or camera you've lost the expensive adaptor.

We have been increasingly installing USB plugs for a number of businesses, which has allowed staff and customers an easy way to charge their devices.


Data Points

With the rollout of the National Broadband Network (NBN), now's the perfect opportunity to upgrade the network cabling around the home or business. We can install additional data points using the latest Category-5e or 6 cabling, ensuring your wiring is future proof. This will enable you to have the reliability and speed of a hardwired internet connection, making the most of the NBN.

These points are sometimes referred to as data, ethernet, internet, or networking ports/points, but these all refer to the same type of connection type.

Phone sockets

Extra phone sockets are valuable for all those who still require the reliability of a hardwired phone connection.

Even with the rollout of the NBN, your phone line can continue to work. Depending on how your cabling was originally set up, we may need to restore some pre-existing phone points or we can easily add additional ports where required.


Television Points

Additional TV sockets can easily be added to bedrooms, living areas, or even outside in the garden! Whether it be for your traditional free-to-air aerial or your Foxtel cable service, it's not a problem for us to quote for.

Audio Systems

We can tailor an audio solution to enable you to have speakers in all areas of the home or office, inside and outside of the building. Enjoy a fully integrated system which allows you to enjoy your music, wherever you are.


Home theatre system installations, require a variety of cabling for the video hardware and the audio hardware. Having the points professionally installed will mean a cleaner look to your media room, particularly with devices such as surround sound speakers.

We can run wiring and install audio or HDMI video points for all of your equipment, planning with you to ensure that all the cabling is located appropriately for your planned setup.


Presentation rooms which require the projector and audio/video ports to be mounted on the wall provide for a more professional boardroom appearance, as well as being more functional than an ad hoc projector setup.

We can install VGA, HDMI, and DisplayPort ports, as well as audio jacks to suit any solution you have planned for your office.

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